The Monrowe Story

Monrowe tells the story of a free-spirited jazz musician from the American south: a man who played sax in speakeasies with no formal training,
improvised his own unique style and unapologetically weaved a creative life centered on freedom and self-expression.

Monrowe was created by his granddaughter, model-turned-milliner Dani Evans, inspired by his legacy.

These are the hats he would have worn. This is his aesthetic, channeled into crowns for the modern (wo)man.

Strong, structured silhouettes. Nostalgic tones. The sort of extraordinary details inherent in expert craftsmanship.
Daring shapes or classic forms—we know there’s a place for both.

Monrowe is a unisex line of ready-to-wear hats, made in the USA and created for the bold at heart. More timeless than trendy, the brims
blend nuances from ‘40s and ‘50s Jazz Era styles with classic Western shapes and contemporary elements.

A fresh interpretation of a vibe from a bygone era, the new collection is now live.

And so it is.