About Bobbie Jean

Journal Entry #1


Style Influence 

She was like a glass of Sancerre on a Sunday brunch afternoon. Super chill in demeanor but energetically  powerful. I have visions of her sitting at the round kitchen table where we ate breakfast. With her long silk “moo  moo” on, oversized golden spectacles, and gold trimmed tooth that would flash at you when she smiled. She  was Bobbie Jean to her friends but to me she was my Granny Bobbie - the beloved of my grandfather,  Monrowe.  

I was OBSESSED with Bobbie Jean! Her grace and style. Her poise and intricately placed gold top finger rings  that laced her slender fingers. She was my style influence before I even realized what style is. She was effortless  in all her ways. Subconsciously, Bobbie Jean was imprinting on me what would soon develop into my own sense  of style - a mix of femininity with masculine hints. It’s the style that resonates with me the most to this day.  

I love an oversized kaftan paired with a brim which brings a nice balance between the two masculine and  feminine energies. Style is so individual but always derives from influence. Whether you have a Bobbie Jean to  influence your style or a Monrowe to influence your business, we are all impacted in some ways by the stories  of our surroundings. Start noticing the nuances of what influences you. It just might lead you to places you  hadn't dreamt of exploring!