Our Story

Monrowe is a unisex collection of hats for those seeking to boldly create their own style. Founded in 2017 and designed by model turned milliner, Dani Evans. Monrowe embodies contemporary vibes blended with an ease and graceful style inspired by Dani’s grandfather, a jazz musician from the south.

Each brim draws upon classic western style shapes and tonal colors influenced by nuances from the 40s and 50s jazz era styles. Monrowe mixes the masculine and feminine, the old with the new, the high with the low, the formal with the causal. 


A message from Dani.

I'm always asked, "why hats"?

While I've always been a hat connoisseur, I frequently found it quite difficult to find the perfect crown for my style, that wasn't also absurdly expensive. So, I created Monrowe!

My own personal style is a mix of classic and tomboy, which I feel the brand also embodies. Being a professional model for as long as I have, the fashion industry immediately intrigued my sense of creativity and design. Each brim is inspired by combining my own personal style and my grandfather's old school, classic vibes.